A dark and cruel crime thriller



A loyal soldier’s quest for redemption leaves him in no man’s land, when he’s recruited to gather evidence of a police protected drug ring, run by murderous London mobsters and masterminded by a powerful businessman’s thirst for revenge.


Clubland is proud to be supported by iconic bands of the era with hit music from 808 State, SL2, Family Foundation, Awesome 3, K-Klass, Shades of Rhythm, Altern-8, Rhythm Quest, N-Joi, Bizarre Inc, Jam & Spoon, Rozalla, Brothers in Rhythm, Human Resource and King Bee.



Mixed to perfection by Matt Nelson (SL2), DJ Rap and Jay Wearden.

Get ready...

it's a trip at 130 BPM



Our journey to make Clubland The Movie is underway but we need your help.


We believe in our bones that this film must be realised, because its unique hero, setting and universal story is as relevant today as it was decades ago.

Set in Britain's Acid House scene of the late ‘80s, our young hero, Jake, of mixed heritage, is an ex-soldier – still in his twenties – enlisted to go undercover as a nightclub owner into a den of ruthless and murderous villains. He struggles with his own identity, morality, and his very existence in a corrupt, cruel, and dark world.


With his life constantly on the line, he grapples between a crooked establishment and vicious criminal underworld, shaped by international feuds born from the ashes of the British Empire.

The script is threaded with historic socioracial undercurrents and populated with a myriad of memorable characters and scenes, woven into an original tale of blood, romance and death – yet all written from a real personal experience, often stranger than fiction.

To do this film justice, we are lining up an amazing cast and brilliant production team. We need your help to attract producers and networks to this iconic project.


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