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Clubland is a fictional piece, drawn from my experiences as a young person of colour, who happened upon the underground culture of the Dance Music scene in Manchester and built the iconic nightclub, The Limit.


After an unprecedented intervention by the establishment, that forced the closure of the club some two years later, I went on to run nightclub door security, in what was the notoriously dubbed “Gunchester” era of the city’s gangland crime spree. 

The story delves into the evocative music of the “loved up” and uniquely diverse dance culture, shedding light on the fickle frailty of prejudices in wider society at that time. As dance culture spread from underground to mainstream, it inevitably began to attract a criminal underbelly across the nation, that preyed on the masses along with big business and establishment figures.

We want to make this film because only those of us who lived through the era, really know what it was like to enter a nightclub where every stranger wore a smile for you and danced shoulder to shoulder until sunrise. The passion for that freedom lives on today in many of us and I wrote this screenplay in dedication to the millions who understand what it is to be free of the burdens of racial and cultural hatred that still perpetuate today.

The making of any feature film is a huge endeavour as it takes a great deal of planning, timing and luck to align all the elements from acting talent to production specialists, to come together just at the right time.


We want to include all of you in our journey into the making of Clubland and we will keep you posted with exciting news as we build our team. 

By Amer Nazir


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