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“This is an excellent screenplay, that tells an intense, intricate, historical crime and drug story.”



Brutal, affecting, and intense, "Clubland" is an engaging crime thriller with a dynamic lead.

Jake is a tough, resilient cop, willing to do what it takes, no matter where this road brings him.

The script has a strong supporting cast of heroes and villains, and the action is riveting throughout, with real consequences and a style that doesn't exploit it.

"Clubland is a great dramatic undercover cop/gangster thriller with appeal to a broad audience. It’s littered with charismatic and layered characters and a fantastic setting:

The London club scene in the eighties.


Writer Amer Nazir manages to tell a very personal story in an interesting and entertaining way with atmospheric images, plenty of action and a pinch of humour.


As a director I love the fact that it’s very grown up in it’s storytelling.”



The storytelling is immaculate, managing to juggle a complex storyline that reaches up from the gutters of London to the Halls of Parliament; a world in which corruption has seeped through society at every level of social strata. 

The plotting is remarkably orchestrated, always projecting a sense of rising stakes, whilst juggling seemingly disconnected subplots that come together in a glorious climax.

The dialogue is so good that it’s almost its own character in the script. One is reminded of “The Sweeney” in terms of the delightful London patois at street level, but it does precisely what it should do in terms of capturing the milieu of the period.

Clubland is a textbook example of clear and professional storytelling on the page; especially so given the clarity and fluidity and economy for a script that is so complex.

"I really enjoyed how layered and complex the world and the stakes were. The point of view felt original and unique which helps from a casting standpoint. The lead provides a unique perspective and lens into an underrepresented character which helps set the material apart from other scripts in the market. The wide swathe of colourful characters orbiting around Jake, helped to create a diverse and interesting world.


It's fast pace and high energy will translate well internationally. I truly enjoyed the world, the stakes, the complexity of the plot and themes. It is unique, original and entertaining. It's a rich and entertaining world that has the potential of being a thought-provoking and complex film.

PRODUCER Serena Films

“I really enjoyed the immersion in London’s seedy underworld. Great characters, well painted. The violence is terrific and well drawn.”

Endeavour - The Bay - No Offence


"Engrossing, entertaining, thrilling, and horrifying in moments, the plot has the exciting pace of an action thriller. It’s a hell of a movie, excellent!"


"The technical prowess in plot, structure and dialogue is excellent!"


"This crime thriller is pacey, smart and provocative."

The setting of London's sleazy and brutal clubbing underworld is really brought to life.

"An impressive screenplay."

It's hugely ambitious and far reaching as it demonstrates how intertwined political, criminal and business fraternities are, both domestically and internationally. 

"A high-octane thriller."

The nostalgia of the 1980s and the club scene is sure to attract audiences for pleasure, but this feature intends to disrupt and provoke just as much.

"A rich and authentic story world."

laurels FMH.png

"The premise here is an extremely strong one."

The dialogue was rich with authenticity and culture, giving a distinct tone to each character that matched their respective environments. It was easy to differentiate between the characters without the assistance of their names.

"Thematically, this script is absolutely packed."

It is original, dark, harrowing at times, and has enough heart-warming elements to be accessible to a wide audience.

"The concept includes action and partying, both of which audiences go crazy for."

The central theme so finely intertwines itself with the main character it's impossible to figure out which came first, the character, or the premise.

"I have little to say about the concept outside of it being brilliant."


The 1980s London clubland setting is vibrant, and the police corruption plot is intriguing. The story integrates Jake's biracial identity in ways that illuminate the themes of power, colonialism, and corruption.

"Jake is an exciting protagonist who is charismatic enough to lead his own franchise."


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‘CLUBLAND is a gangland epic that delivers on the expectations of the genre and more.’

‘It's a solid premise, and executed well.

The dialogue was good, I believed it all.’

‘It’s a deep, immersive work, with great action and intrigue and feels like a suitable addition to the canon of crime thrillers.’


"Clubland is written with a unique voice that makes a refreshing impact on the genre, incorporating a film noir feel to the classic crime film.”


"Clubland is an exciting and detailed look into an undercover investigation, highlighting great world-building and intrigue with "Succession" level manipulation. It's excellent with a great sense of story structure.”

Jake is a great character.
The way he had to change to get that deep, shows the psychological trauma undercover agents often have to endure.
The story itself is a great mystery.
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‘Jake's character arc makes him a memorable and

multi-dimensional protagonist throughout

the screenplay.'

‘The characters backgrounds, actions, and dialogue are well researched, creating a believable and immersive experience for the audience.’

‘Clubland offers a distinct voice and explores issues of race and identity within

the context of the

criminal underworld.’

A compelling and intense narrative, filled with action, suspense, and intricate relationships that keeps the audience hooked throughout. 

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